Mbu to Ayade: don’t reappoint underperformers

Retired Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Mbu Joseph Mbu has advised Cross River State Governor Ben Ayade against reappointing commissioners who did not perform well.

Mbu, who spoke in Calabar, appealed to groups protesting perceived poor governance by Ayade to sheath their swords. He promised to lead street protests against the governor should there be no improvement in governance in his second term.

He said: “It is the fundamental right of citizens to stage peaceful protests against bad governance, as long as the police are put on notice. Also the groups must have the right motives and not be agents of frustrated opposition elements.

“Taking all variables into consideration, I will be the one calling for, and leading protest against the governor if his performance index does not improve. He was elected by the people to improve their lives; therefore, there will be no reasonable excuse to present a failure report card. That will amount to betraying their trust.

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“I think he should go for seasoned hands who will help him deliver the dividends of democracy to the people. He should refrain from reappointing those whose performance did not measure up.”

Asked if there were things he would have done differently as a policeman, Mbu answered in the negative, stressing he had no regret for serving his fatherland with loyalty and diligence.

“I do not have any regret for any action I took while in service. I was loyal to my fatherland and to my commander-in-chief, and I expect every serving officer to do same; they should be professional and shun politics. I do not have any political leanings to date; I am not a card-carrying member of any political party. I served Nigeria diligently and I am happy I did, without apologies to anyone,” Mbu added.

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