I informed ICPC about ambulance in my house, ex-Deputy Whip

Immediate past Deputy Whip of the House of Representatives, Hon Pally Iriase, has said that he informed the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) about the ambulance kept at his residence by members of Otuo Community.

The ambulance was part of the Constituency project Iriase attracted to his community for use by the Otuo General Hospital.

Iriase who was reacting to reports about ambulances recovered from his residence by the ICPC said the ambulance found in his house was for safekeeping since the state government is yet to open the Otuo general hospital.

Describing the report as tissues of lies, Iriase said the report was an attempt to tarnish his hard earn reputation.

He said, “Why would my name be dragged in the mud for God sake for doing well. The truth is that as we speak, even though I am outside the country, I am aware that the ICPC came to Otuo and met with the King of the community and his chiefs, and they told them that on no account will the ambulance leave the community.

“No ambulance as portrayed by the publication was retrieved from my house. I was the one who told ICPC that the community kept the ambulance in my house for safe keeping.

“The ICPC has gone to the community and they were told that over their deadies body will the ambulance will leave the community since they have failed to open the hospital.

“What was reported is wrong, it is pure lie that they recovered ambulance in my house. It is just mischief. As we speak no body burst into my house to move anything.”

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